Parweld XTM 211DI Multi Process Welder (AC/DC TIG)
Parweld XTM 211DI Multi Process Welder (AC/DC TIG)
Parweld XTM 211DI Multi Process Welder (AC/DC TIG)
Parweld XTM 211DI Multi Process Welder (AC/DC TIG)
Parweld XTM 211DI Multi Process Welder (AC/DC TIG)
Parweld XTM 211DI Multi Process Welder (AC/DC TIG)

Parweld XTM 211DI Multi Process Welder (AC/DC TIG)

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Parweld XTM 211DI Multi Process Welder (AC/DC TIG)

The Parweld XTM 211DI is one of the first true multi process welders on the UK market. The machine offers MIG, AC/DC TIG & MMA functions all from one compact machine. 110V/240V input power makes it perfect for on-site welding in the UK where 110V input voltage is stipulated. If you're looking for an all-singing, all dancing, do-it-all machine then look no further.. you've found it. The large high quality colour display screen makes the interface very easy to see from a distance. In addition to this the control interface is incredibly simple and intuitive and makes weld settings simple with little to no process knowledge.

MIG welding - The machine features both manual and fully synergic control which means that you can set your machine the old fashioned way (voltage + wire feed speed) or you can dial in your settings by programming the welder to know the wire diameter, material type & material thickness which will then spit out the perfect settings for a weld that you'll be over the moon with. You can MIG weld mild steel, stainless steel & aluminium with synergic lines built into the machine for all of these materials. In terms of thickness.. a 10MM mild steel weld is possible and down to around 0.9MM on the thinner side. A 15KG reel capacity makes it possible to use this machine in a tough industrial environment without having to constantly change the wire reel. Overall this machine has many useful features, being worth its cost just for the MIG capabilities.. however this machine just keeps getting better as it has AC/DC high frequency TIG functions that you would not usually find on a multi process welder. Only the ESAB Rebel V205 AC/DC & The Miller Multimatic 220 AC/DC (unavailable in the UK) offer this functionality.

TIG welding - AC & DC output allows for TIG welding aluminium, mild steel & stainless steel. Usually a multi process will only offer DC output and even then it will only be a lift TIG arc ignition. The XTM 211DI has high frequency ignition which makes for a nicer arc start and less inclusions at the start of your weld run. You will also find adjustable pulse frequency on the set which makes your welds more aesthetically pleasing whilst inputting less heat into the material, thus preventing distortion. On top of all of this you also get synergic control in the same way you can control the MIG settings, set material thickness, tungsten diameter etc.. and your settings are done for you. Overall the TIG functionality of this machine is very impressive.

Arc welding - Most multi processes will have an arc function so it isn't a huge feature to sing and dance about but I thought it worth mentioning. The arc welding capabilities makes welding very thick material easy. 200 amps of arc welding output can handle a 4MM rod and will weld up to 15MM thick material with ease. Overall a very useful feature to have at your disposal.

Technical specifications

  • MIG voltage range - 14.5V - 24V
  • Wire reel capacity - 5KG & 15KG
  • Wire feeder - 2 roll
  • Wire diameter - 0.6MM - 1MM
  • Duty cycle - 25% @ 200A
  • Input supply - 110V 32A / 230V 32A
  • Maximum current output - 140A on 110V input / 200A on 230V input
  • Recommended generator rating - 7 KVA
  • Enclosure rating - IP23S
  • Dimensions - 615MM x 275MM x 495MM
  • Weight - 27.8KG

Warranty - Parweld offer a 3 + 3 warranty; this means that you get a full 3 year warranty which covers parts and labour and then once that ends you get an additional 3 year service plan which covers labour only - just pay for parts. Peace of mind comes as standard with Parweld machines.

The Parweld XTM 211DI's standard accessories include 3M Parweld PRO-GRIP MAX MB25 MIG torch with on torch control, PRO26 4M TIG torch, a single stage dual gauge gas regulator for argon / argon CO2, earth lead, arc MMA leads & gas hose. We offer optional extras including ready to weld packages & consumables.

Overall, this machine is a perfect solution for those who need a compact, lightweight machine that will do all processes to a very good level. The fact that you only need a single machine for all processes is an extremely attractive and useful feature. Add on to that the fact that the machine is nearly half the price of its closest available competitors and it becomers a no brainer which machine should be your choice.

Max Weldable Thickness 3MM, 5MM, 8MM, 10MM
Input Voltage 230V, 110V/230V
Warranty Period 3 Year + 3 Year
Max Wire Reel Capacity 5KG, 15KG
Welding Output AC/DC
Manufacturer Parweld
Short Description

Key Features

  • 10MM maximum weld thickness on mild steel
  • 110V / 230V input supply
  • 15KG wire reel capacity
  • Includes MIG torch & TIG torch as standard
  • 3 year warranty
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