BCGA Code of Practice

As detailed within the British Compressed Gas Association’s CP7 document, Gas welding and cutting equipment should be maintained under the Pressure Systems Safety Regulations, and as detailed in the Health and Safety at work act 1974, equipment should be “Suitable”, “maintained” and “Inspected”. The safe use of Individual, Portable, or Mobile Cylinder Gas Supply Equipment obligates the duty holder to check that regulators and flashback arrestors are checked annually, dependant on use. It may, in some circumstances need to be more frequent, and must be replaced by the manufacturers recommended replacement date.

Checks need to be undertaken by a person who has sufficient training and qualifications in the use of oxy-fuel gas equipment, as well as theoretical knowledge of the functioning of the equipment, the properties of the gas used, the potential defects and hazards that may occur and their importance and safety of the equipment.

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PG Merlin’s gas equipment safety checks are carried out by our own fully trained inspectors to BCGA CP7 and certified by HSE in INDG 381.

Our inspections include:-


      • Leak and functionality testing of regulators, flashback arrestors, hoses, associated fittings and blowpipes.

      • A comprehensive written report issued with the inspector’s findings.

      • A certificate issued when all equipment is deemed satisfactory and compliant.

    We offer our Gas Safety Inspection Service to customers within the Kent & South East London Area.

    For further information, or to book a Gas Safety Inspection, please give us a call or drop us a message.