Binzel 4mtr MB25 Evo Pro Air Cooled MIG Torch

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The MB EVO PRO torch series represents a totally new concept in welding torch design, form and function. Unique ergonomics, following extensive research, provide a greater sense of control, enabling the welder to feel as “one” with his torch. The trigger position, trigger design and ball joint construction guarantee optimum balance and comfort in all welding positions.

Air cooled MB EVO PRO welding torches feature the reduced weight “BIKOX® LW”cable assembly, for even better handling and scientifically proven reduced operator fatigue, in all welding positions. Improved handling and reduced strain have further been shown to have a measurable impact on weld seam quality.

MB EVO PRO torches offer the best performance to weight ratio of any comparable torch on the market.

■ Low weight BIKOX® (LW) – offering weight reduction of up to 34%
■ Genuine two-component handle – robust and ergonomic
■ Optimum trigger position and tapered handle design – for precise predictable handling
■ Unique internal geometry for air cooled torches – enabling a cooler grip with maximum mechanical strength
■ Proven ”MB” wear parts – for long, economic service life
■ Robust, optimised central connector

Technical data (EN 60 974-7):
Rating:            180 A CO2
                       150 A Mixed Gases
                        M21 (DIN EN ISO 14175)
Duty cycle:      60%
Wire size:        0.6–1.0 mm

25 Technical data (EN 60 974-7):
Rating:             230 A CO2
                        200 A Mixed Gases
                        M21 (DIN EN ISO 14175)
Duty cycle:       60%
Wire size:         0.8–1.2 mm

  • Amperage230A
  • Cable Length4m
  • CoolingAir
  • SeriesEvo Pro
  • Wire Size0.8mm-1.2mm (.030”-.045”)
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