4.0mmx 1Kg Nikko NiFe Cast Iron Electrodes

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Welding Features of the Electrode

The arc is stable both AC and DC, but is very soft, thus minimising dilution. Weld beads are smooth, bright and evenly rippled. The slag is fairly fluid but relatively quick freezing, thus allowing smooth blends when edges are involved. The slag is readily controllable, thus making positional welding very easy, plus the slag is easily detachable.

Applications and Materials to be Welded

The NiFe weld metals produce higher strength welds than the pure nickel types and are thus the preferred choice for alloyed, nodular and spheroidal cast irons. Typical grades being ASTM A602, A47, A338, A220. Additional applications include welding of all grades of cast iron to mild carbon and low alloy steels


Related Specifications

AWS A5.15 ENiFe-CI

JIS Z 3252 DFCNiFe

Diameter : 4mm

Length : 350mm

Weight : 1kg 

Recommended Amp : 100-140

Recommended Currents : AC & DC


Storage-  If allowed to become damp the electrodes should be re-Dried at 110°C  for 1 hour.



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