3.2mm x 1kg MWA E405 100% Nickel Electrode

3.2mm x 1kg MWA E405 100% Nickel Electrode

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Brand:  MWA
Rod Size:  3.2mm
Specification:  ENi-Ci


Description & Applications

Superior high quality fully machinable nickel electrode for joining and building up on cast irons. Builds up quickly and produces sound fully machinable deposits. Minimum base metal dilution. No undercut. For hot and cold welding of cast irons and for joining or building up on malleable iron, steels and copper or one to another. Ideal for foundry reclamation.

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Diameter : 3.2mm

Length : 300mm

Weight : 1kg

Recommended Amp : 70-100

Recommended Current : AC &DC (+)


Storage- If allowed to become damp the electrodes should be re-Dried at 150°C for 1 hour before use.

Typical All Weld Metal Chemical Analysis (%)
Mn 99%
Ni 1.0%

Sizes Available and Recommended Amperages
2.5mm - 30-75
3.2mm -  70-100
4.0mm - 100-150
5.0mm -   120-190

Related Specification: AWS E Ni Ci

Current: AC/DC (+)

Storage: If allowed to become damp, the electrodes should be re-dried for one hour at 150C before use.

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