3.2mm x 1kg E312-17 E66 Dis-Similar Electrode

3.2mm x 1kg E312-17 E66 Dis-Similar Electrode

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Part Number:  210132
Brand:  MWA
Rod Size:  3.2mm
Specification:  E312-17


Description & Applications:

Specially designed high strength austenitic type electrode of duplex structure. All purpose low amperage electrode. Easy to use with smooth arc, low spatter and even bead formulation. Can be used for overlaying and joining dissimilar steels to one another, high and low carbon steels, spring steels, tool and die steels, cast steels, and steels of unknown composition. High resistance to cracking coupled with good wear, heat, impact and corrosion resistance. 

Related Specifications

ISO 3581-A: E 29 9 R

AWS A5.4: E 312-17


Diameter : 3.2mm

Length : 300mm

Weight : 1kg

Recommended Amp 90-110

Related Specification: 

AWS E312-17

Typical All Weld Metal Chemical Analysis %: 

C - 0.11, Mn - 1.06, Si - 0.95, S - 0.01, P - 0.02, Cr - 28.5, Ni - 8.65, Mo - 0.87

Typical All Weld Metal Mechanical Properties: (As Welded)

Ultimate Tensile Strength 840 N/mm²Elongation 25%

Hardness 220 Brinell


AC/DC (+).

Sizes Available and Recommended Amperages:

1.50mm - 25-352.00mm - 30-452.50mm - 50-703.25mm - 90-1104.00mm - 120-1405.00mm - 150-190

6.00mm - 200-250


If allowed to become damp the electrodes should be re-dried for one hour at 150°C before use.

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