3.2mm 1.5% Gold Plus Lanthanated Tungsten Electrode

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Gold Plus tungsten electrodes contain a minimum of 97.80% tungsten and 1.30 to 1.70% lanthanum. Gold Plus electrodes work well on AC or DC welding and can maintain a sharpened point. These products can be used to replace both ceriated and thoriated because, unlike thoriated tungsten, these electrodes are suitable for AC welding and, like ceriated electrodes, they allow for lower voltage arcs.

They have excellent ARC starting ability, along with stability and excellent re-ignition characteristics. It also possesses a low burn off rate to ensure there is no waste of material.

It can also replace both ceriated and thoriated electrodes.

Relative Specifications : 

Diameter 3.2mm

Length : 150mm

Standard : ANSI/AWS A5.12-98

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