2.5mm x 2kg Nikko E7018 Vac Pac Low Hydrogen Electrodes

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E7018 stick electrodes are a prominent choice for contractors in structural applications. E7018 stick electrodes provide the chemical properties necessary for the applications, along with the low hydrogen levels needed to prevent issues like cracking. They also provide the appropriate mechanical properties for these jobs—most steel used for structural applications (A514, for example) requires filler metals that offer 70,000 psi of tensile strength. E7018 stick electrodes meet those specifications.

As with any part of the welding process, knowing the basics about E7018 low-hydrogen stick electrodes can be helpful in understanding their operation, performance, and resulting welds. To help along the way, consider these details.


Diameter : 2.6mm

Length : 350mm

Recommended Currents : AC or DCEP

Recommended Amps : 60-100

Weight : 2kg 

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AWS A5.1 E7018
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