2.5mm x 1kg MWA 308L Stainless Steel Electrode

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Description & Applications:
High quality rutile type stainless steel electrode for welding low carbon 19% Cr, 9% Ni stainless steel. The extra low carbon content provides improved corrosion resistance and notch toughness at low temperatures. Wide usage in the pressure vessel, process plant, dairy and food industries, also suitable for cryogenic applications where high notch toughness at sub-zero temperatures is required. Although the electrode is primarily for welding steels of the AISI 304L and 308L types, it may also be used for welding the higher carbon types 304 and 308. In applications where the operating temperature does not exceed 400◦C the electrode may also be used for welding type 347 steels.

Related Specification: 

AWS E316L-17


Diameter : 2.5mm

Length :350mm

Weight : 1kg

Recommended Amps : 30-45

Storage: If allowed to become damp the electrode should be re-dried for onehours at 110°C before use



Related Specification: AWS E308L-17

Typical All Weld Metal Chemical Analysis %: C 0.03, Mn 1.1, Si 0.62, Cr 18.5, Ni 10.1

Typical All Weld Metal Mechanical Properties: As Welded:
0.2% Proof Stress 340 N/mm2
Ultimate Tensile Strength 585 N/mm2 
Elongation on 4d 30 – 45 %
Reduction of Area 40 - 45%
Hardness 140 – 170 Brinell
Charpy Vee Notch +20◦C 80 Joules
Charpy Vee Notch -196◦C 48 Joules

Current: AC/DC

Sizes Available and Recommended Amperages:
1.50mm 25-35
2.00mm 30-45
2.50mm 45-70
3.25mm 70-110
4.00mm 110-140
5.00mm 140-180

Storage: If allowed to become damp the electrode should be re-dried for one hour at 250°C before use. 

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