2.5mm 0.5kg E97 4047 Aluminium Electrodes

2.5mm 0.5kg E97 4047 Aluminium Electrodes

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Part Number:  020591
Brand:  MWA
Material:  4047 Aluminium
Rod Size:  2.5mm



Description & Applications:

Aluminium 10/12% silicon type electrode for welding wrought and cast aluminium alloys of similar composition. Rapid deposition rate, good penetration characteristics, excellent stability, weldability and slag control. The special chemically active mineral coating enables easy removal of surface oxides during welding ensuring results of high quality. Suitable for slag over slag welding. Welding wrought alloys N4, H9, H10, H20, H30 and cast alloys LM6, LM8, LM9, LM13 and LM20. Used extensively for repair of casting defects such as surface voids where slag over slag techniques may be employed.

Related Specification

AWS E4047


Diameter : 2.5mm

Length : 300mm

Weight : 0.5kg

Recommended Amp : 60-90

Recommended Current : AC & DC (+)

Related Specification: Type 4047, Al Si 12

Typical All Weld Metal Chemical Analysis %: Al 88.5, Si 11.0, Fe 0.5

Typical All Weld Metal Mechanical Properties: As Welded:
Ultimate Tensile Strength 180 N/mm2 
0.2% Proof Stress 80 N/mm2
Elongation 5 %

Current: DC (+)

Sizes Available and Recommended Amperages:
2.50mm 60-90
3.25mm 80-110
4.00mm 110-150
5.00mm 150-180

Storage: If allowed to become damp the electrode should be re-dried for two hour at 110°C before use. 

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