1" UNC Nyoc Nut BZP

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Hexagon Nyloc Nuts

Also know as Nylon Insert Nuts, or lock nuts. The Nyloc insert within the nut grips the male thread and helps prevent loosening.



A                   B                   C                   D                  
3mm 5mm 3.8mm 0.5
4mm 7mm 4.7mm 0.7
5mm 8mm 4.8mm 0.8
6mm 10mm 5.8mm 1
7mm 11mm 7.5mm 1
8mm 13mm 7.9mm 1.25
10mm 17mm 9.7mm 1.5
10mm 10mm 6mm 1
12mm 19mm 11.8mm 1.75
12mm 19mm 12mm 1.75
14mm 22mm 14mm 2
16mm 24mm 16mm 2
20mm 30mm 21.3mm 2.5
30mm 46mm 29.2mm 3.5

Please Note: Specifications given are intended as a guide only. If critical to your project please check with us first.

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1" UNC